Multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and recording artist, Heather Haze delights audiences with a passionate flair and musical exuberance rarely encountered. She has performed on stage with legends such as Little Feat and George Clinton, not to mention hundreds of other talented bands and artists from coast to coast. Her original music was nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media awards in 2009 and 2010, and received honorable mention in the 2010 Songwars International Songwriting Competition.  

Heather is saxophonist, keyboardist and vocalist with DC's award-winning all-female party band, Wicked Jezabel.   


Heather Haze is best known for her dazzling performances on sax. She's ripped it up with such legends as Little Feat, and George Clinton and P-Funk, and scores of quality artists from coast to coast. Fueled by that same passionate energy, Heather's first album, Groovit Yourself, showcases her full spectrum of talents, not only on sax but on guitar, vocals, flute, keys, and whatever else she gets her hands on. Her instrumental skills soar effortlessly over a colorful landscape of well-crafted songs and expert arrangements.
Heather started out playing blues and rock around the Midwest.   Her musical talents carried her to Washington D.C., where she gained momentum playing with top local acts, including the well-known Johnny Artis Band.  During that time, she was invited to perform at the Apollo Theater in New York City, where she appeared twice.  She also took the stage with the Commitments touring band at the Bayou in D.C.  Later, she shifted her focus towards the Baltimore music scene, where she was a featured artist at the 1998 Music Monthly All-Star Jam.  Capping off the 20th century, Heather performed with Little Feat on New Year's Eve, 1999.   
In late 2001, Heather relocated to Sarasota, Florida to care for her father until he passed away in 2002.  She decided to stay in the area,  fine-tuning her unique style and stage skills with a multitude of excellent bands and musicians, such as local favorite Funky Octahedra.  She made several star appearances in the area, including a memorable performance with the Grandfather of Funk, George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic.  Heather also appeared in the independent film, "The Most Depressing Man in the World."
Heather eventually moved to Los Angeles, California in pursuit of larger opportunities.  Her playing captured the attention of producers, filmmakers, and music industry executives. She appeared with Cheech and Chong in a quirky Obama promo, and became a featured musical guest on the star-studded "Comedy Slam" tour.
A year of performing and making contacts in L.A. inspired Heather with a new sense of direction.  After attending the glitzy Hollywood Music Awards in November of 2008, Heather headed back to Washington D.C. where she set up shop and began recording in earnest.  The result: Groovit Yourself, her first major independent release.  Before the album even hit the shelves, her off-the-wall rocker, "Buddha Baby" was nominated for the 2009 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

In early 2014, Heather joined the award-winning all-female band, Wicked Jezabel, as saxophonist, keyboardist and vocalist, and has been rockin' the East Coast ever since.