February Album Writing Month 2020

This year I've chosen to participate in the February Album Writing Month.  This is a community driven challenge to write an entire album of 14 songs in the month of February.  It was inspired by NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month which is held each November.  This is my first time participating.  Any songs I manage to polish up and post will be found on this page.

For more information about FAWM, please visit https://fawm.org.

The first song I've completed is entitled The Darkest Day.  Sometimes songwriting is like pulling a block of lead through a round hole with a pair of chopsticks.  But once in a while a song seems to write itself, and all I can do is try to get out of the way.  That's how it was with this one.  This song wanted to be written.  It needed to be written.  It demanded to be written.  The lyrics are timeless, yet topical.  Maybe it will resonate with you.

The Darkest Day

Heather Haze

This is a song about persevering with hope and courage in the face of adversity, surviving against all odds, and never forgetting our darkest day.

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Music and lyrics by Heather Haze.
Copyright © 2020 by Heather Haze, ASCAP
All rights reserved.